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Koen Tanghe @ Smartelectronix


KTAudioHealer is a simple plugin that makes the incoming audio healthier by applying DC / LF blocking, Nyquist / HF blocking and undenormalization. It is totally unoptimized and has no custom GUI...

DC / LF blocking
One rather experimental thing you can do with digital audio, is opening a non-audio file as an audio file pretending that the bits in that file represent audio samples. Starting from there, you can try to make some original sounds out of these raw bits by applying all kinds of sound transformations / effects on them. Now, normal audio data samples are more or less centered around a zero line: the sum of all samples is on average always zero. But for the "artificial sound sources" mentioned above, this might not be the case, as the original data is not really audio. The non-zero sum of all samples is called the DC offset. KTAudioHealer removes this DC offset and all other very low frequencies according to a cutoff frequency you specify. This makes sure that full headroom is maintained and that the sound will be healthier for your sound equipment.

Nyquist / HF blocking
At the other end of the spectrum, very high frequencies around half of the sample frequency (which is called the Nyquist frequency), can also cause problems. KTAudioHealer removes frequencies near Nyquist according to a cutoff frequency you specify.

Extremely small audio sample values may cause the processor of your computer to enter a special mode in which it will operate slower than in normal conditions, and this manifests itself in very high CPU usage, which is something you obviously don't want, especially for samples you can't even hear... KTAudioHealer makes sure that, no matter what samples come in, the samples that come out will not be in such a denormalized state.

File Description Size Date Version 1.0
Windows, VST, dll
81 KB 20040420
KTAudioHealer1.0.1_AU.dmg Version 1.0.1 *
MacOSX, AU, PPC + Intel
174 KB 20050902

Latest changes
The 1.0.1 AU version has a small bug fix that makes the plugin pass the latest versions of AUValidation and is now also built as a "universal binary", so it will run natively on PPC-based Macs and Intel-based Macs.

* Thanks to Sophia Poirier from DestroyFX for building the Mac versions !


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